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Welcome to the Disk Shadow download page.

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You can download Disk Shadow from any one of the sites listed.
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You will download a self extracting compressed file (1.3MB). To install:

  1. Download your free evaluation software.
  2. Run the .exe to extract the install files.
  3. Run setup.exe to invoke the setup wizard.
  4. Follow the installation instructions.
  5. Launch Disk Shadow during installation or later using Start, Programs, SolarSys, Shadow.
  6. The Help Wizard will guide you through the configuration process. Refer to the Quick Start HTML document to implement the key features quickly.
  7. Help is also provided as an HTML document so you can browse and print it for reference.

If you find Shadow useful, please pass the install files on to your friends.

Getting Help

Shadow has a comprehensive Help Wizard to guide you through the installation process.

If you have any questions or comments on any aspect of our products then please contact SolarSys by clicking here


 Hardware requirements

Disk Shadow will run on any Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or NT laptop or desktop PC.

Server Hardware Requirements

If you have access to a server it need not be particularly powerful and can be running 16 or 32 bit Windows. If your server is running Windows 3.x then the nice long file names you use on your PC will appear as "squiggle" file names on the Win 3.x server shadow. It does still work OK though.

Network Protocol

Shadow has been thoroughly tested on NT, Novell, Windows for Workgroups and Windows NETBUI & TCP/IP networks. Remember though that 16 bit networks cannot support long file names. Shadow will automatically convert your long file names for you so you can happily backup to a 16 bit file server.

Alternative Backup Devices

Shadow works really well on rewritable CD/PD ROM drives. These are fast and have a large capacity. ZIP type Drives also work well. Any type of drive which can be assigned a drive letter will work.

Power Users

Power users will find that they can co-ordinate their files with the server and other users and also back up their work to a removable disk drive all at the same time!

Anti Virus

Shadow will work with any of the leading anti virus systems.